Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blessed Easter!!!

I hope you and your loved ones have had a very happy and blessed Easter Sunday! 

We had a wonderful day. 

Although Cecilia wept in begging to go to the Easter Vigil so she "wouldn't need to go to church before the fun" today, she willingly conceded in exchange for being allowed to watch Tron. (Honestly, I'd LOVE to go the vigil, but after a day at the zoo and not starting until 7:30, it just wasn't happening with this crew this year.)

So after the girls watched Tron, which Cecilia did like, and they went to bed, I went to work putting the baskets together. 

Brigid got a plush bunny, four new books, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a card from James'parents and a card from her godparents, and a buffet of candy including Cadbury eggs, KitKats, Reese's Eggs, an AHG chocolate, Lindt chocolate carrots and chocolate eggs.

Teresa got a set of Magformers magnets in new shapes, a few new books, a new Veggietales DVD, a card from James' parents, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a small plush Rapunzel and a Ninja Turtle action figure in addition to the same candy buffet as Brigid. 

Elizabeth got a plush bunny (which she had been asking for), 2 new Mo Willems books, a book on how to draw flowers, a new Froggy book and a book about a duck named Ruby, a Holy Heroes CD, a kaleidoscope, two Lego Movie cups, 3 random Lego figurines, a Ninja Turtle, a card from James' parents, a Lego Rapunzel set, a Lego Cinderella's carriage set, a Lilla Rose hair clip, a beeswax Easter Egg candle, a Peeps scented Yankee candle, an Anna figure for the Infinity WiiU game and a Saint Elizabeth Embroidery kit, and the selection of candy. 

Felicity got 2 new Mo Willems books, a book about a man who paints mountains, a book on how to draw animals, a Ninja Turtle, a family of unicorns, a set of shaped hole punchers, 2 Lego Movie cups, 3 random Lego mini figures, a Rapunzel wand, two Lila Rose hair clips, a card from James' parents, a Yankee candle, a Holy Heroes CD, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a Lego set of Cinderella's Castle, a DVD on St. Francis Xavier, a Holy Mary Embroidery kit, and the selection of candy. 

Cecilia got two new Mo Willems books, Anno's Multiplying Jar, a Ninja Turtle, 2 Lego movie cups, 3 random Lego mini figures, a Lilac Yankee candle, a beeswax Easter egg candle, a St. Therese embroidery kit, a plush Kevin from the movie Up, a March of the Penguins DVD, a Holy Heroes CD, Sorcerer Mickey figure for the Infinity game, a Lego Jousting set, a card from James' parents, a Cinderella puzzle and her candy.

We went to Mass at 8am Sunday morning. It was packed with standing room only, until after communion anyway. We picked up donuts and hash browns on the way home for breakfast. 

Afterwards, they couldn't wait any. Longer to dig into their baskets. 

Needless to say not everything in their baskets were from James and me but also from my parents. 

And, needless to say, all were quite happy with their loot. 

And then I fell asleep for an hour. I've gotten new medication but it takes 4 weeks for the dosage change to take full effect, so while I definitely have more energy than I did last week, I still tire out before the day is near done. 

When the girls woke me for the 4th time or so, it was to tell me Grndma and Grandpa were home and it was time to have the egg hunt. 

Usually all the egg hunt pictures I take are blurry but Brigid was slow enough I got several of her first Easter egg hunt. 

I had to keep an eye on her anyway to see she didn't
get into any trouble, but hence why my pictures are really just of Brigid. (The other girls move too fast and. One out blurry anyway :) )

It took her a couple eggs to get the hang of it but once she did she loved it. 

She loved collecting them in her basket. 

She only collected about 10 or 12

But she loved walking around with them in her basket

And then she sat down wither her loot

And figured out that they opened

And, oh boy, did that make her happy! The M&Ms spilled onto the floor and she happily let her sisters keep looking for more eggs while she began feasting.

My parents hide one gold egg for each girl with one of their initials being on their egg. If you find someone else's you leaver for them to find, or, if they are very small, help them find it. Felicity found Brigid's and brought it to her. 

Brigid didn't want the shiny gold one in her basket though. She wanted to watch it spin and swirl around on the floor. And she didn't want that silly paper that said $5 from the gold egg mingling with her precious chocolate in her basket. 

She continued carrying around her basket of goodies untill we went downstairs. 

Definitely a successful first Easter egg hunt!

Quite the happy hunter. 

I did manage to get one shot with Felicity and Elizabeth hunting as well. 

The rest of our Sunday was building Legos, playing WiiU, and eating a delicious ham dinner my mom cooked. 

Hope your Easter Sunday was as blessed and you have a Blessed Easter Season!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Teresa and the Zoo

On Holy Saturday we finally managed to get to the zoo in celebration, even if belated, of Teresa's 3rd birthday.

She had an absolute blast.  

Even the non-animals enthused her, like this waterfall.

She was fond of the turtles and, despite the the cobwebs between this one's head and shell, insisted the four in this pen were in fact the Ninja Turtles. 

The rhino gave us a close up of his rear, but the zebras in the pen made up for it trotting around. 

Teresa chased this bird around the aviary. He was a great sport about it though and so pretty to watch. 

The cheetah couldn't have cared less that we were there. 

But that might have had something to do with the fact that Teresa kept calling her a tiger. 

The girls spotted this photo spot and begged for a picture. 

If only they'd had the cub's head cut out we could have gotten all five. :)

The pride of the zoo at present are three lion cubs, a few months old now. They were extremely playful and a lot of fun to watch. We didn't see their parents though... apparently they have to alternate between the parents and the cubs or they get into arguments and I don't think I'm the only one that doesn't want to see lions fight, particularly in front of my kids. 

When Teresa first saw real giraffes her face lit up, her jaw dropped, she broke into a huge smile and began clapping. Oh she does love giraffes. At first she was upset I couldn't get much closer but eventually a couple came much closer and she got to see them close up. 

The elephants were all a bit far off but Teresa is not above amusing herself when the pachyderms fail. She collected small sticks and tried to throw them into their ponds. She came close to getting one in too; it bounced and landed on the wall. 

Brigid spent most of the time in her stroller but she got to see just about everything and did seem to enjoy her first trip to a zoo. 

Teresa's other favorite animal is a monkey, very fitting in my opinion. She enjoyed seeing the monkeys, but they were very lazy and not very entertaining. 

This guy, on the other hand, swam straight at her head and sat there for a few moments seeming to wonder just how he could try to eat her. Little did he know he had picked the one kid in the crowd who might be able to take him. She was so obsessed with watching the turtles she didn't even realize the croc was swimming right at her until he was just near her face. She loved those turtles and the fish, but the croc was quite the showoff.  

The only thing that could lure her away from the turtles was going to see the bears. Polar bears, to be specific. She really likes bears... not as much as giraffes and monkeys, but still, she does love bears and will usually be happy to demonstrate her roar. 

Afterwards we took a spin on the carousel. Elizabeth rode the giraffe, a favorite of hers, possibly because it didn't go up and down. 

Felicity took a horse beautifully arrayed and rode him like a champ.  

We did try and offer and try to get Teresa on but she adamantly refused, even to ride with me in the sled. She wasn't having any of it. Although she did like watching it. 

Cecilia took a turn in the sled though and got to enjoy the breeze. 

While we were only there a couple of hours and didn't do everything there, by the time we left the kids were pretty wiped. Each got one souvenir though. Teresa's pride and joy was a baby monkey stuffed animal. She has rarely been seen without it since. 

Birthday celebration outing success!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Well, That Helps Explain It

So I went yesterday to get my thyroid levels tested. 

A normal TSH level is between 0.4 and 4.0. 



Yeah that would explain some of the exhaustion. 

Sigh. Stupid gland!

My doc is upping my dosage two notches and James will be picking it up this evening on his way to take Cecilia to Mass. 

Here's hoping the energy levels stabilize soon. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teresa and her Milk, Um, I mean Orange Juice

Teresa has been my milk addict. Seriously, she wants it for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Of course, we don't let her have it that often, but that doesn't stop her from demanding it. And she will even go to the fridge and get the milk carton and bring it to me so I can give her some.

So it was with some excitement that I recently got her drinking OJ for breakfast instead. Except now she is turning into an OJ addict.

And now she will go to the fridge and follow me around with the OJ container and a cup. 

Sometimes she will even ask for it before bed! Acidic sugar before bed? I don't put anything past this girl. sigh. 

I did manage to get the OJ back in the fridge and give her water instead. Her pediatrician would be proud. 

Riding the Energy Roller Coaster

So.... I've been pretty exhausted lately. First trimester you know. Saturday I had enough energy and it was such a nice day out, so I built the monkey bars for Teresa but I think building the monkey bars doubled my usual exhaustion. Sunday I didn't want to move. At all. Ever. Which made Palm Sunday Mass more challenging than it might otherwise have been, particularly with Teresa.

It would have been more tolerable if Teresa hadn't used the palms as swords. I made the crappiest crosses ever I was in such a hurry to stop her from whipping me in the face with them. And about 45 minutes in Teresa just got more and more energetic. Even in the back of church she was running in circles... until she needed a diaper change. Our mass lasted an hour and 45 minutes and by then Brigid was hungry and cranky and Teresa unmanageable. The older three weren't any more difficult that one would expect at a long mass, but the younger two, compounded by how exhausted I was already, just made me want to quit.

Fortunately after a nap Sunday afternoon and a mostly full night of sleep, Monday I woke up actually feeling like I had slept. And I wasn't about to waste it.

So, I got Teresa a bath to get Sunday's lollipop out of her hair, washed the snow boots, put away all the snow boots, snow coats and snow pants, took all 5 girls to the mall and scored two beautiful Spring dresses at half off for Cecilia, had lunch, got Cecilia and Elizabeth new nightgowns and bought each of the girls a small toy of their choice at the Disney store with the penitential condition they couldn't have it until Easter. After coming home I put away all the Fall/Winter dresses and got out all the Spring/Summer dresses. Unfortunately, I had to return back to the mall when we got home and discovered a security ink tag still on one of the dresses. And then I took the oldest three to gymnastics. Take that, Monday!

It was nice to have such a productive day but by the evening, I was exhausted again.

I woke up Tuesday not completely exhausted but not energized either and, since Brigid got Teresa and myself up at 6am, it was only a few hours later my energy began to wane.

It is however a lovely rainy day, so while I can't toss the kids outside and expect today to be pretty simple (get laundry done and waste time) and laid back (hotdogs for lunch, anyone?), I am absolutely loving listening to the rain and getting a nice breeze through my window before the temperatures drop later today.

I will probably get my thyroid levels checked tomorrow just to make sure that isn't playing into my energy craziness, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is just the normal pregnancy stuff.

Hope your Holy Week is going Holily! :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How I Spent My Saturday

Well, and part of Thursday as well...  I spent Thursday putting the larger sections together inside the house and then Saturday putting it all together outside. It took me about 3 or so hours just to put everything in place and then tighten all 130 bolts and then put the nut covers on. Needless to say, my hands are a bit sore today. But it was totally worth it.

Teresa was given this by my parents for her 3rd birthday. But we got so much rain the week after her birthday I wasn't about to sit in the mud and watch it sink while I built it. Fortunately last week things dried out and we got a warm, sunny day yesterday. 

I even managed to get a little sunburned. The girls have been having a blast on it though. 

Teresa absolutely loved it. She hasn't climbed all the way to the top yet, but I'm sure it won't take my monkey long to master her new monkey bars. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cecilia Leads the AHG Opening Meeting/Felicity Color Guard

It has taken me forever to get this up. Cecilia loves leading her AHG troop opening and closing ceremonies. She loves reading in front of people. Don't ask me where she gets it - totally not me! She can't do it every meeting of course, but at this one she was able to lead while Felicity was in the color guard. Both of them in one video - score!