Garage Sale Weekend

Stuff is clutter. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have too much and the usual storage spaces and closets are full to the brim. You start packing things up to donate or recycle. The owner of the items protests a lot. Some people are hoarders and can’t part with the past. Me, I hate all that bric-a-brac hanging around. It is useless to say the least. The best idea I had to dispose of it was to have a garage sale. My daughter and her friends could help. First they would gather together old clothes and toys and sort them so we would keep anything important or essential. This would leave plenty left.

It was a big job cleaning out the garage so we could display our best for sale items. This was a weekend multi-person project. The garage was dusty and grimy. Maybe we should do the sale on the front lawn. But we needed a lot of space for tables for all the little things that needed to be spread out. So we set about the task and got the garage in shape. We used some empty shelves to stack up clothing in neat piles. That didn’t last long after the first few customers started rifling through.

I started to get a chain of lookers because I had put up flyers in the neighborhood. With my electric staple gun, it was an easy job to post them on bare walls and telephone poles. I also gave some to store owners so they could put one in their front window. It was nice of them to help out and I give them credit for a good turnout. One of my daughter’s friends stood in front of the supermarket and handed out more flyers. The store was frequented by locals so they were the perfect target.

People come early to garage sales: as early as 7:00 am. They want first pick. That was the good news for me. By noon, most everything was in a shambles and I vowed to hand on for one more hour. The last buyers trickled in and most of the toys and clothes were sold. Each item was not more than a few dollars, but it adds up and we made a nice profit. I promised my daughter we could go on a shopping spree with our proceeds since she was such a good sport about dispensing with old things. Either the toys were for a younger age child or the clothes didn’t fit, but for the most part everything was in decent condition and most people got a good deal. I feel a little guilty about not donating any remaining items to the Salvation Army, but frankly there simply was nothing left. I promise that the next clean out the closets session will go to charity. Kids grow fast and their clothing doesn’t last forever. I know some kids exchange clothing and this may pertain to your family. It just gives you several options when the stuff starts overtaking the house.