Are you a do it yourself kind of person. Do you revel at repair and renovation projects and are proud that you have the skills to execute the tasks? I am, but frankly I have no ability to handle electrical wiring, plumbing, or appliance repair. One thing I know, is that I can paint. Who doesn’t have an area that is getting drab and peeling. Every house needs a fresh coat of paint. It’s a big job that requires a ladder, which can be dangerous, so you often need a handyman for the job. I was willing to try out for the role of handywoman and give it a go. A couple of indoor rooms would be no problem. As for the exterior, I would need a professional. But I don’t have the money in my household budget at the moment so hiring someone was not in the cards at present. I would do the interior and put off the exterior until I had saved up enough. I could always ask friends and family who were experienced with painting to help. I would have to offer big favors in return such as some lovely home-cook meals or other treats.

I started to clear out the rooms to be painted well before the designated day. I piled everything up in boxes in the garage. I wanted plenty of room to move about with the paint sprayer I rented for the job. I was told, and know for a fact, that this is the best answer to tackling large areas. I have used brushes before and rollers, but you can smooth even surfaces with a paint sprayer for home use. It would work inside the house or out so I could rent it another time when I decided I had the right help for the exterior. The house was going to look fabulous, but for the moment that applied only to the inside. I had selected a beautiful pastel color for one room, and a brighter primary color for another. I wanted variety: each room to have its own personality. With the paint sprayer it took only two days of work per room. Then I had to allow sufficient drying time. After the new paint smell had dissipated, the room was ready to reassemble. I wanted to make the “new” rooms a little different and moved the furniture about. I then wanted to decorate the walls but was hesitant to hang anything on the pristine surfaces. But the rooms needed personality. I decided to limit each room to two items each. It could be a bulletin board, a framed painting, a crafts project, or a mirror. This was going to take a lot of thought. It was easy to paint the room. That was a no-brainer. Now decorating was another sort of task. So I assembled some possible wall pieces and tried them out in different positions. I finally made my choices and at last, the rooms were done. It was a very productive project.