If I Had a Crystal Ball

If I Had a Crystal Ball

If I had a crystal ball I would have gazed into the future when I began my relationship with this guy. Probably I would have walked the other side when he said hi. I could not go through all this problems have gone through due to ending our engagement. Problems with his parents, my parents, my children, my friends and even the whole society. Probably my story would be so different. Chances would be I would still be single and enjoying my life to the fullest or I would have been married to the guy I wanted.

If I had a crystal ball I would look into my future, and look at what it has for me. Will I be happy again? Will all this judgmental looks end? Will people stop consistently asking the same questions? Will my little daughters be happy? Will I get the guy who I love whole heartedly?

Well, when is all said and done, there is nothing I can do, but work on my present situation, deal with everything that comes on my way including my career. I can’t hold on to ‘what if’ because ‘what if’ never happens. What I can hold on to, is the present which is a present to me.

All I know is I see myself happy in the near future, because as many have always said, the only thing that is between you and happiness is yourself. I see myself taking my children to university, it will pretty much hard to let go but I have to. I see myself doing great in my career getting my dream promotion and in my office is a picture of my happy family and me. I see the guy I get eventually, well he is handsome and knows how to treat a lady. This time round I actually like him.

Yes that is what I see for me and no one is going to burst my bubble. Am going to work hard to achieve this, but mostly am going to enjoy every step of it. Feel every step of it whether pain, frustration, love, joy, sorrow. Take every hardship and every victory as it is.

I am stronger than I have ever been. My wounds will be healed and what will remain are the scars. They will not remind me of the pain and sorrow I had to go through but the strength I had to overcome all situations to be who I am.

We all want to see the future and hope it holds the best for us. But I think it is much better to look at what you have and works towards what you want. It’s better this way that you don’t know your future because every single day you create your future. Imagine a world that has everyone’s future predicted. It would be pretty much useless to wake up daily and do something about your life.