Maybe Making Friends?

I encourage my daughters to make friends at school. There aren’t girls in the neighborhood like when I was a kid and other children my age were right next door. We would meet every night after dinner and play in the yard. It was a regular routine. It was easy to have friends no matter where you lived. Nowadays parents are loath to have their kids out of their site for even a moment. They are so indulgent and protective. The children stay in the house glued to video games or the TV. I like the way I grew up much better.

As a result, I was happy to accept an invitation to the house of one of my girl’s classmates. This was an unusual request and we didn’t get many. I told her to be sure to promptly accept. I knew the classmate had a wonderful designer house and I was looking forward to taking a tour. It was nice that as a parent, I was invited. It’s a good way to get to know one another and maybe make some real friends.

On the day of the visit I made some freshly baked cookies and wrapped them in a colorful box. We arrived at the designated time and were warmly welcomed. I politely commented on the house and ask to take a tour. The answer was, of course. It was a large house so we went outside first to view the huge pool and barbecue set up on the patio. This is where we were going to have dinner. The yard was full of flowers and trees and was so inviting. Then we returned to the house to view the individual rooms. There were four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, and a giant living room that was rather formal.

I could see why. There was a rec room or what is called a family room in the basement that was where casual get-togethers take place. It had a home theater set up with an oversize plasma TV. I could see that this was where the kids hung out. I could also see that it was where the adults played. By that I mean that I spied a large wine fridge against one wall where there was a wet bar and shelves filled with glasses. So everyone in the family had their needs met. I asked if they collected special wines to fill the fridge and was told, why yes. How did you know. I could see a very expensive imported bottle on the countertop. No doubt there was more like it in the wine fridge. Our hostess asked me if I would like a glass of wine. I was tempted even though it seemed early to be indulging. But I agreed and soon some cheese and crackers appeared. It was a lovely gesture to share that fancy bottle of wine with me. The girls had cookies and milk.